fredag 29 december 2017

Wilma kommer att ha 3 kurser

Wilma Malcholmson, Shetland Designer, är färgernas mästare och kombinerar detta med att sticka Fair isle mönster och traditionella spetsmönster. På denna kurs får du möjlighet att ta del av hennes sätt att blanda och tänka färger. Kursern kommer att hållas på engelska

Fair Isle colourwork from inspiration

In this class we will be taking colour inspiration from a picture of your choice to create a new colourway. Please ensure you bring in a picture to work from. We will match yarn colours with the inspiration you have brought to create a unique piece of Fair Isle.

Colourwork- translated into Fair Isle and lace 

Choose colours to knit a Fair Isle swatch which can be used in a Fair Isle project, then I will explain how I can use the same colours to knit a lace swatch with a view to making a lace scarf in chevron style new shell pattern. 

Painting with wool

In this class we will be going into more detail about the colour blending techniques i have used to create the colourways that have stood the test of time. After choosing your colours we will begin to make your new design into a mobile phone cover. 

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